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Join the National Aikido Federation

The National Aikido Federation currently trains at two locations in Canberra. The ANU Aikido Club JTS and the Turnbull Martial Arts Academy.  

While no Aikido experience is required to join the club we strongly recommend completing a beginners course

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National Aikido Federationinc.

Membership Form

(Incorporated under the Association Incorporation Act 1991)

I understand that by joining the National Aikido Federation I agree to abide by the constitution of the National Aikido Federation, and agree to be bound by any rules and regulations made in accordance with the National Aikido Federation constitution.
I understand that Aikido is a martial art, and that practising it involves the risk of serious personal injury.  I agree that no liability for personal injury shall attach to the National Aikido Federation inc, its instructors employed by or acting on behalf of the National Aikido Federation inc, the ANU Sports Union or any member of the ANUACJTS in the event of any injury.

Are you an ANU student or Student graduate?

Thanks for joining!

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