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John Turnbull

John Turnbull Sensei is one of the most experienced martial artists in Australia. With 70 years of martial arts experience and 50 years training in aikido, Turnbull Sensei was the senior student of Seiichi Sugano Sensei - a live-in student of the founder of aikido, O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba. Turnbull Sensei began training under Sugano Sensei in 1965.


Turnbull Sensei is one of very few Westerners able to teach the use of ki. He teaches the Zen energy enhancement exercises which supply the incredible power so apparent in genuine Aikido, and he's one of the few people teaching this elite art’s secret nerve strikes and methods of handling multiple armed attackers.


Turnbull Sensei's enlightened teaching of Aikido’s training methods for self-development, self-defense and energy enhancement has made his classes popular wherever he goes.



Brett Stubbs

Brett Stubbs watched his first Aikido class as a teenager and was instantly hooked.  

Following Sensei John Turnbull's traditional teaching Brett soon discovered a love for weapons training and Za Zen which he has incorporated into his daily life ever since.

While teaching Brett focuses on helping students understand the inner aspects of Aikido  promoting personal inner development while maintaining the combat effectiveness of real, genuine Aikido.

brett throw.jpg

Tamara Abed

Tamara’s love of horses brought her to Aikido after learning the riding principles of softness, mindfulness and centering all relate to Aikido. Tamara loves the flow of the ki and the power of centering whilst delivering effective techniques. Tamara regularly trains in Japan at both Hombu dojo and other centres, where she is well regarded. Students in her class can expect a continuation of the principles and techniques learned from Turnbull Sensei whilst adding an extra dimension from her training in Japan. Her favourite quote is ‘Technique has its place but spiritual forging is far more important’ (Yamaoka Tesshu).

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Nicholas James

Nick started his Aikido journey with John Turnbull Sensei in 1999. Work commitments meant Nick, regrettably had to move to Melbourne but was able to continue his studies with Scott Eggenton (a uchideshi to David Brown Sensei) and also David Brown Sensei at his Christmas Hills Dojo.

Nick also had the opportunity to train with Seiichi Sugano Sensei and other high ranking sensei's from Japan, New Zealand and the USA during his time in Melbourne.

Nick returned to Canberra in 2010 and has been an integral member of the club assisting beginners learn this wonderful art under the guidance of Turnbull Sensei.

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